September is here, and summer is slowly heading to meet Autumn.
Sadly Smokie still haven't got back on the road and I'm starting to find it all a bit frustrating.

Obviously there's not much to report except we, like other bands are hoping that life for us musicians will return to normal quite soon.

I had a few text messages asking why I've disappeared, off social media?
Well basically my girlfriend was being trolled on Facebook by some selfish, jealous nut job!
So for me , it was time to come off. and hopefully one day I will find out whether or not it was someone who was obsessed about me? or obsessed about her? . . . . . If they're reading this, I hope they go to hell.

So sorry there seems to be more bad news than good news!
Hopefully I'll be writing about a gig next time round?

Take care everyone
I normally say, keep safe, but this time I'm going to write "Be Kind"