Born, 22 March 1964 in Yorkshire, England.

Like most kids, Mick grew up listening to pop music and playing football. Then having eventually followed his father's wish to finish college, he became a professional guitar player at the age of 22. In the early days his introduction to live gigs was with much older musicians playing on the blues circuit in and around Leeds, eventually joining a rock band and touring round Europe continually for almost seven years.

In the late eighties Mick joined a rock band in Germany and lived there for over 2 years, and it was here that he met Smokie for the first time, and this started a long lasting friendship which still continues today.

Not one to take things for granted he considers himself a very lucky person to be playing music for a living, and practices his instruments on a regular basis to maintain his standard. He still has the odd guitar lesson on occasion.

While Smokie continue to enjoy regular tours, Mick spends a lot of his spare time recording, and writing new material.

"Take A Minute" . . . The last Smokie release featured 4 songs written by Mick; It was around that time, that Mick signed a worldwide publishing deal with Warner Chappell.

In July 2011, Mick released is first solo album, "My Kinda Heaven"
One review, in the Landblatt stated . . . "We knew he could play guitar, but this album shows that he is a also a very accomplished songwriter and Producer"

"My Kinda Heaven" has also been well recieved by fans, and Mick stated "It's an album that represents Me, as a Musician, Songwriter and Human Being"

Outside his work with Smokie, Mick often works and collaborates with other musicians, He is currently producing, the debut album for Freedom Of The City, a band certainly  destined for bigger things.

Mick’s latest album, Under My Skin was released in March 2017 to much critical acclaim. Recorded in Nashville with some of the finest musicians in the business, Under My Skin was a punchy, and powerful Blues record, which allowed Mick to spread his musical wings and showcase his range of skills as both a writer and performer. 


The album was played on heavy rotation on Blues radio stations around the UK and Europe, it also gained excellent airplay in the USA. It peaked at number 13 in the European Blues chart and Mick was featured in the center pages of Blues Matters, the go to Blues magazine, as well as a main feature in the Blues in Britain magazine.


The riffs are all his own, he’s not a borrower”    Music Republic Magazine ****


“Under My Skin highlights McConnell’s cleverly crafted lyrics and delightful, soulful musicianship”     Elmore Magazine

Mick is a keen football fan, and follows Leeds United, he has quite a few hobbies, including Skiing, Karate and Scuba Diving.
His guitar collection seems to grow ever larger, but he views American guitars as a good investment !!!