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Summer finally here! . . . . Today I write a blog from a very nice hotel in Dortmund.  I thoroughly enjoy the summer festivals and travel is far and wide with what you could call quite diverse gigs. Last weekend we played in Norway, one gig well and truly inside the Arctic Circle and the other in Kristiansand. It couldn't have been any more different, one very cold and one basking in sunshine.

Visiting somewhere like northern Norway gives a reminder of just how remarkable our world is, so I was saddened at the actions of one Donald Trump this week regarding the Paris agreement. He needs to find a balance between fixing his economy in the great US and the impact that is bestowed upon our wonderful planet that is home to ALL of us!


Brexit will be well and truly on the agenda for EU and UK.   Negotiators will start the difficult task of trying to hammer out a deal that suits everyone. This week the UK will decide on a new government, to which I will also cast my vote. Unemployment is at it's lowest in many decades and our economy continues to grow in a steady manner. Despite my Irish heritage I will support the UK government on whatever happens and hopefully things will go well. I genuinely believe that the UK has the fundamental structure across all walks of life and a government to succeed, I hope for the best.


Many guitarists friends and followers on Facebook have been asking me to post videos of the gear that I use on the road and in the studio, so I plan to do something in that department after the summer, it should be fun too . . . . I shall keep you posted!

Today I shall meet my record company in Germany and I really want to offer a free digital download of a track from "Under My Skin" . . . I am hopeful that I can make that happen . . . We all like a freebiie!!!

Best wishes everyone, enjoy your summer wherever you are!




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