Yes indeed . . . . Car Karaoke!

Last night I got a phone call at 1.15 in the morning and an apology for waking a Brit in the early hours . . . . but Lurssen mastering in LA informed me that my album had been mastered and edited and they wished to inform me personally that my album was officially in the can!

Wind forward 7 hours, I burned a CD and I have a copy of "Under My Skin" pumping out my Meridian Sound System at a decent level in the Range.

I'd kind of forgot just how heavy some of these tracks are, it's nice to listen when all the tracks sound consistent in level and the break between songs are correct.
My critical view relented and I enjoyed listening and admiring the work of the other musicians that feature. No matter how many records you listen to when it comes to your own, there's a feeling of apprehension as to how it will sound against the idea you have in your head . . . . I think it sounds great, I'm a happy man today . . . By the way, I didn't really sing along . . . jeez there was enough of a racket going on!!!

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