Terry Uttley .... RIP my friend!


It’s so difficult to write a tribute about someone, because it’s so easy to miss something out, especially when for thirty some years, we’ve spent an incredible amount of time together. 

I sit here today, thinking about…

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Shirley Uttley

As most of you already know by now, my bandmate and friend lost his wife last week.

I know that many of you have sent condolences to Terry and his family, via social media.
I would also like to…

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"Acoustic Hang" #13

I'm back for another "Hang" on the 20th October (8pm-UK  -  9pm-EU)

Got some great new songs, coming at you!
I hope you can join me for 45 minutes of music and banter?

Here's your link to Stageit:

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All I shall say. It was great to once again walk on a stage and do what I've not done for almost two years!



Hey everyone .......

I'm back with another "Acoustic Hang" on the 22nd of September!!!!
Please join me for some music and banter, with nothing other than my trusty acoustic guitar.
Some cool new tunes coming your way!!!


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September is here, and summer is slowly heading to meet Autumn.
Sadly Smokie still haven't got back on the road and I'm starting to find it all a bit frustrating.

Obviously there's not much to report except we, like…

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So today; The government in the UK, made some changes to quarantine rules when returning to the UK from green and amber countries. As long as the traveller has received both jabs and has the correct vaccine proof to hand.

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I'm OK!

For those of you who have showed some concern to me disappearing off social media, I just want to let you know that I'm perfectly fine!

Such a shame that there are some people in this world who want…

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Isn't it funny, how sometimes a musician can perform a concert in whatever setting . . . in this case me at home doing my "Hang"

After the show, I had so many messages, telling me how it was…

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